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Automotive industry is going through a phase of continuous shift. Emerging markets are offering growth and OEMs are constantly reorganizing their international value chains to leverage on the growth. Volatility of oil prices and sudden events leading to fluctuations in exchange rates are putting pressure on OEMs to locate production facilities closer to markets and this trend is fuelling intense competition. Local players are capitalizing on their knowledge of consumer needs to maintain an edge over the international players by offering innovative models that addresses specific customer needs. Cost pressures are unequally affecting local and international players but the difference is converging as growing markets become concentrated. Local players have the consumer knowledge and OEMs have the blend of quality which needs to complement each other if players want to see sustainability in coming years.

Technology-led innovation is the driving force behind automotive manufacturing today. The lines between traditional mechanical engineering and digital engineering are blurred and it is technology, not mechanics, that’s differentiating product lines.
The latest software and IT systems are utilised for both safely operating vehicles and the infotainment.
Entirely new concepts such as connected car, clean powertrain technology and next generation infotainment consoles are broadening the scope of what it means to be an automotive manufacturer today.

Flying Fish Radical: Helping You Meet the Challenge

As specialists in automotive software and IT system quality, we can help your business adapt to new demands. Having worked globally with leading manufacturers, we have successfully delivered quality programmes for embedded software and automotive manufacturing IT systems.

We can help in three key areas:

  • Transformation
  • Digital product definition, Connected Car, Digital manufacturing and full, end-to-end integration of your systems requires a change in mind-set and approach. Our experience can help you make the change with minimal risk to your business.

  • Quality
  • We can help you build-in quality at the process level through enterprise-wide quality systems, lean methodology, constant measurement and feedback, and continuous improvement.

  • Testing
  • Automation is the ultimate way to integrate and accelerate your software and process testing, and to ensure the success of your system upgrades. We can manage your quality and testing for you, recommend the best software and systems tools to use and train your staff.

    Digital technology is leading the way on the automotive assembly line. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you compete.