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Marketing and Sales Consulting

If your sales and marketing campaigns lack coordination, strategy or that “X” factor, perhaps it's time to take business growth to the next paradigm level. C-Level provides expert sales & marketing consulting for all business types.

Together with you, our marketing specialists develop target-group specific marketing activities which support your corporate goals in the long run. Furthermore, we identify new target groups, introduce new sales structures and optimize your organizational growth structure.

Flying Fish Radical helps clients develop comprehensive customer and market insights to identify new opportunities for growth. We help senior executives understand what sales and marketing initiatives are working, and which ones are falling flat, by providing a deeper understanding of their customers, and the strategies to build bigger and more profitable relationships with them.

Our marketing and sales capabilities include brand strategy, customer relationship management, sales optimization, channel strategies, pricing, customer segmentation, new product development, product portfolio optimization and marketing strategy.

essential tips for Marketing and Sales Consulting

  • Call your clients regularly.
  • Use social media to promote your content.
  • Review performance, re-fix and move fast.
  • Sell something small at first.
  • Involve fresh minds from other industries.
  • Read a lot and pick up ideas for your business.
  • Make and publish surveys on current topics.
  • Productize your service.
  • Select Marketing Platforms.
  • Develop Marketing Goals & Objectives.

Managing the Project

Our projects run from one month to over a year, depending on the needs of the role. If your needs fall outside of this, just Contact Us and let us know what you need.

Have a project but don’t have the individuals needed to carry out the plan? Our team of seasoned professionals step in to manage and execute on a wide variety of business systems, financial, marketing and sales projects. From project managers to business analysts, marketing managers, and social media pros – we can help you get it done. Looking to outsource a particular workstream? Have an ongoing task that falls outside of your employees’ core skills? With exceptional management from start to finish, we take on a variety of tasks including business desks to support worldwide field activities, managing ongoing reporting, or supporting partners.

The Key to Marketing & Sell Advice

  • 1) Content marketing – Learn how to use content to market your business!
  • 2) Use inbound or ‘attraction marketing’ — not pursuit marketing
  • 3) Build a well-connected network.
  • 4) Throw that old marketing guide in the bin!
  • 5) Internet marketing – Start taking your website seriously

How to Be a Good Sales Rep and Successfully Sell

  • 1) Start with your goals.
  • 2) Recognize that sales is a process.
  • 3) Identify business pain.
  • 4) Measure every step.
  • 5) Sell to people who want to buy.
  • 6) Direct Sales House Party Attendance.
  • 7) Develop your marketing plan.
  • 8) Define a viable market segment for your product or service.