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Nowhere has the ‘digital revolution’ been more prevalent than in the consumer-led retail, logistics and transport sectors. New, almost overnight successes are beginning to dominate your market with some established players struggling to keep up with digital transformation. Today, the digitally transformed retail organisations who are offering the consumer a simpler life are winning the race.

In today’s retail world for a customer, ‘seamless experience’ across many channels is most significant aspects. It’s digital technology that is making the difference. Behind the aim of creating the simple and seamless life for the consumer is ever more complex and intelligent technology. At Flying Fish Radical we can support the successful development and rapid launch of your technology.

Retail segment is getting redefined faster than before as global economic uncertainty increases. Economic crisis has left a deep impact on consumers making them seek value in multiple ways. This has impacted players in the sector who have responded by keeping their costs low to be able to operate in a low volume and low margin environment. High inventory levels built earlier are now offered in a multichannel format that has various promotion schemes to build the consumer confidence back to normal level. On the other hand, digital retail is catching pace and the players are destined to face strong competition. As recovery gathers pace, players will seek topline growth and how the industry takes shape will depend on how the players attract the lost attention of consumers by simultaneously managing their efficiencies.

We are experts in ensuring quality for all retail, transport and supply chain scenarios from new PoS systems, online marketplace launches, ticket systems, SCM platforms, to transforming store operations with technologies, including electronic shelf-edge labelling, mobile PoS and NFC.

Ultimately, your ability to adapt and respond to the market will determine your success. Our assurance service can help you get your development right first time by providing consultancy, strong governance and a robust quality and software assurance methodology that enables your developers to safely innovate within a real-time production environment that significantly reduces your time to market.

Flying Fish Radical can provide business consultancy, quality best-practice and testing management services.