Business Consulting

Flying Fish Radical defines an organization as the zone of confluence of capabilities brought together by people, systems and processes. The processes are helping the organization to assemble the capabilities of people and systems. The goal of an organization is to efficiently and effectively use these capabilities to create products or services for their customers. Again these products or services are nothing but the capabilities bought by the customers. In summary, organizations use capabilities to produce capabilities.

Over the years, Flying Fish Radical team has developed a strong understanding that all the challenges faced by an organization emanates from either the mismatch between these capabilities or misunderstanding of capabilities. Businesses operate in a dynamic environment where change or disruption is a continuous process, which makes these capabilities ineffective or misfit over the time.

Fhyzics helps organizations to identify these challenges in terms of capabilities and recommend appropriate solutions.
Fhyzics typical consulting services address the challenges of organizations such as:

  • Achieve sales growth
  • Adopt effective marketing of products and services
  • Minimize cost of creating products and services
  • Establish process-centric organization
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Succeed in new product or service development
  • Optimize the supply chain